The Magic of Barish Shayari in English – ( New Shayari 2023)

Barish Shayari in English: The rainy season is special for everyone. It is a season that almost everyone likes. Some like to take a bath in the rain, some like to walk in the rain, and some like to get wet in the rain. During rainy days, if we express our feelings in words, the magic of rain Shayari in English will always be there.

In this post, we have brought rain shayari in English for you 2023, which you will like very much. In this, you will find romantic Friend Rain Shayri, Rain Shayari Image, Barish ki shayari in English, shayari in Roman English, rain shayari in English, monsoon shayari in English, which you can share with your friends and can put as a status on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram.

Barish Shayari in English

We are not special but those of the rain
As precious as the fragments that lie in the soil
If they get mixed up, they never meet again.

I have a wish
long road light rain
many things and just me and you

“Whenever these ☁ clouds thunder,
My heart beats fast…
And with every beat of my heart,
Only your voice comes”.

In the rain we will rain like water
Will scatter like flowers even in autumn
what happened that we haunt you
Sometimes you will yearn for these moments too.

~wet start of wet season
wet memory forgotten thing
Those wet ‘eyes’ that wet company
Congratulations to you today’s beautiful ⛈ rain”!!

how fast life goes by
the thirst is not quenched, the rain goes away
you remember something like this
Can’t sleep but the night passes.

“Earlier it used to rain
So you used to remember
Now when you remember
So it rains!!

“Now I want to bathe with you in the rain
How sweet is this dream of mine,
the raindrops that fell on your lips
Have to lift them with your lips!!

Don’t know why I remembered you now
What a change in the weather, the rain has also come,
I touched and saw the drops, in each drop
Your photo has appeared.

Barish ki shayari in English

This friendship with the rains
not good faraz
raw is your house
At least think about something!

“What a way to say ‘don’ to someone last night!
Don’t tell anyone about your dreams!
How did the changes arise and where did they collide?
How was the rain ⛈ don’t tell anyone!!

there is some intoxication in your talk
some intoxication is of slow rain
don’t think we’re crazy
This is the effect of the first meeting on the heart

If you are so fond of getting wet,
Look into my eyes in the rain
It rains for everyone,
But these eyes rain only for you.

Sawan gives relief in summer,
Steals everyone’s heart.
Everyone scent
As if life has come even in lifeless!!

Barish Shayari in English

~ love 💖 so it’s rain,
what i want to touch
palms get wet
But the hands remain empty 😐!!

This was the conspiracy of the sky for a long time,
Today his wish came true
Get wet by remembering your loved ones,
Congratulations on this first rain of the year.

“We will get wet in this rain,
The flowers of desire will bloom in the heart,
If you want to meet then remember
Do it, it will rain like “rain”!!

‘I like this kind of life’
need every moment
love rain and with
Need your 😍 !!

tell the clouds, be careful
It rained, if I remembered him,
So the competition will be equal.

“request that
meeting him alone
ho khwaish e 💖 dil hai
Whenever it rains”..!

today weather love
must be the weather
the rain will come
Must be just clouds.!!

“The intoxication of the first rain ⛈
something different happens
as soon as you touch your eyelids
There is an effect on the straight heart.

The more I see, the more I feel!!
The more I listen, the less I feel!!
This rainy season looks like you!!

Don’t know when that evening will come,
rain, tea☕, dumplings
Me and you will be together.

The meaning of rain has changed with time.
The rain that used to give us peace in childhood,
Today the same rain has showered us with our broken
Makes you feel the pain of relationship!!

“I wish someone like this
know my life
that i cry even in the “rain”
And he read my tears !!

Monsoon Shayari in English

“The weather is rainy
and miss you
from every drop of rain
I can hear you!! 😣

Even the drops of rain
how lucky you are
what we longed to see
got a chance to touch her

“Rain is pleasant and
love 💖 old
whenever you get
Looks like new”!!

I have a complaint with these raindrops
no one else touches my lover
i don’t like it

Must have smiled seeing the clouds coming,
Must have hummed something ~ or ~ in fun,
thanked the almighty for the rain
Because of being, you must have taken bath on this pretext 😄.

rain and love
The body becomes memorable in the rain,
Gets wet and eyes in love!

This was the conspiracy of the sky for a long time,
Today his wish came true
Get wet by remembering your loved ones,
Happy first rain of the year.

“There’s something wrong with the weather
I feel like shouting
We love you very much!

“You always ask me
how much i love you
So count these raining drops!!

“On wet rainy nights,
Then some pleasant memory came,
something reminds me of my time
Some remembered his youth 💏!!

it used to rain
So used to remember
do you remember now
so it rains

tell the clouds
some water from my eyes
Borrow it!!

“The clouds are dark today
Today there are millions of guards on the moon
pieces of your memories
Stayed in my heart for a long time!!

~ The fragrance of soil, rain ⛈ season!
The heat of tea ☕ and your ‘memories’!
Do something ‘good’ or not!
Time ‘passes’!!

~ Hey rain ⛈ you don’t rain so much
that he could not come
and after he comes
It rained so much that he could not go!!

“There were wishes
to get wet in the rain with you
But sometimes the clouds of sorrow
Not only hate”!!

Barish Shayari in English

“Whose boat has sunk in the rain,
Who has played the game in the rain,
How lovely was that monsoon of childhood,
Now only memories like that Sawan”.

“The cloud ⛈ has given sweet rain!
What has Jami also requested!
Enjoy this beautiful view!
What kind of recommendation has been given by God.

Rain Shayari is one such medium that gives us the sweetness of the season and a great way to express love and our feelings. How did you guys like this Barish Shayari post of ours? If you liked it, then please share it with your friends. And if you have any suggestions for us, please let us know in the comment section. Thank you.

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